Bunbury, Western Australia



{ Rylee }

Seven weeks of pure perfection right here. This little princess is the third little girl for her parent’s and they make girl’s beautifully!

I usually prefer to shoot babies as early as I can, usually around 4-12 day’s if we possibly can. It’s not always possible though and sometimes we have to give it a go when baby is a bit older. Rylee had her needles the day before and although a bit upset that day, she was having some marathon sleeps the next day (14 hours over night! WOW) so we decided to give it ago even though needles are notorious for upsetting babies. Rylee wasn’t upset but she must of gotten all her sleeping out the way because she was wide awake for most of her session. Consequently, we got some amazing big smiles out of her on the bean bag and being a little older, she made good eye contact too. It took a little cuddling and some vacuum noises (her favourite apparently!) but we got her to snooze for this pink set. She was very patient with me while I moved rice packs under her to get her in just the right position. Although not technically a newborn any longer we did manage to pose her as one and get those precious shot’s all the parent’s are loving. I love walking into friends homes and seeing all their family pictures everywhere, it really make a house a home and is a fantastic talking point. Why buy other peoples art to decorate when you can have amazing art with your family in it!

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