Bunbury, Western Australia



{ Charli }

I had the pleasure of photographing Charli’s big sister Savannah last year for her one year cake smash. It was lovely to see how big Savannah has grown in a year and even better to meet her new baby sister, Charli. When her mum, Sarah first contacted me and let me know they were were expecting again, I did wonder what colour hair this baby might have, Savannah has the most amazing red hair, I’ll add a picture below. Charli obviously skipped this red hair gene and has her own little gorgeous looks going on.

I have been photographing babies and toddlers for a long time now, and with that I have quite a few tricks in the bag for little ones who don’t really want to do what we want them to. Sibling shot’s with boys between 16 months and three, along with girls 16 month’s to two and half have proved the trickiest. Their whole world has just been turned upside down with the addition of a new family member who often steals all the attention, why on earth would they want to lay down and give them some more attention! So over the years I have built a mental list of things we try in order to get the toddler in the set and if we can, a bit smile on their face.

M & M’s for the win!

For this session, Savannah so is still yet to turn two was not convinced that laying down with her newborn baby sister was such a great idea. Things toddlers think are good idea? Their own ideas and .. wait for it… chocolate. They never say no to chocolate! So we made a game of it and hid some m &m ‘s around baby Charli and let Savannah come in and explore. Her dad on one side and mum in the front right to make sure baby was safe during the m&m hunt, we managed to make it a game and every time Savannah found one she would look up and smile… and we got these!

Charli had no idea what kind of commotion went on to achieve these shots, she slept peacefully right through the whole thing. As much as sibling shots can be quite the challenge, they are also worth it, these are the images you will look back on in 20 years of your children, all together, while they are little.

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