Bunbury, Western Australia


Eden and Fern

I have Photographed these gorgeous girls many times over the last couple of years. I am very lucky that their parent’s understand the importance of having photograph’s taken regularly as their children grow. I missed shooting Fern’s Newborn session last year as I had freshly had our own little boy a month or so before…
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Ari M| Bunbury Newborn Photography

This wide awake little guy stole all of his daddy’s genes!! His poor Mum hasn’t got a look in just yet! I love how he gazed at the camera and followed me around the room with his eyes during his beanbag session. So alert and eager to drink the world in. He slept like a…
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Darcy | 12 Days

This little fellow was happy to be posed and photographed for the most part. His big sister… not so much! Although we did get a hand full of lovely ones of them together – Toddlers generally have enough after 20 or so minutes and its pretty hard to convince them to go in for another…
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Brodie D | Bunbury Newborn Photography

When Brodie was only a few weeks old his Mum contacted me about having some photo’s done at around 6 weeks as that’s when his sister had been photographed. Unfortunately Brodie got pretty sick and we had to reschedule. Luckily his family wanted more lifestyle / awake images than the posed kind that I usually…
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Campbell | First Birthday Shoot

Meet Campbell, this cheeky little monkey was more than happy to be photographed! What a happy little guy he was. Not only do I do Cake Smashes but I also do all kinds of shoots on request. This theme was his Mum’s idea! Bunbury Photographer | Lineham Photography | Children’s Photography

Nate | 4 Days

A few from Nate’s Newborn shoot – What a little cutie this red head is!!! Nate belong’s to my good friend Rhiannon. The third of 3 boys this little guy will have some fight in him – especially with all that ginger hair! This little fella slept like a dream for me… but then I…
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Mia | Wedding Dress Mini

I love these Wedding dress mini’s. Here is little Mia in her Mum’s beautiful gown. Just shy of 1 year old Mia’s Parent’s were looking for something a little different to show her off at this age.   Bunbury Photographer | Baby Photographer | Lineham Photography

The Grandchildren

This has to be one of my favorite outdoor shoots to date. Such beautiful light, beautiful children and one absolutely lovely Grandma or “Nanma” as the kid’s call her 🙂 There are some stunning pics to come and I’ll file them under children’s shoots so keep a look out! Bunbury Photographer | Children Photography |…
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Riley |Cake Smash

Holy Batman this kid is cute! Riley loved his smash and we got loads and loads of great images.  Cake in the bath ? Don’t mind if I do! This little guy is the youngest of 6 kids and has FIVE sisters to dote on him – How lucky is he?? Lots of dress ups…
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Nate | Cake Smash

Little Nate was a little bit overwhelmed when he first came into the studio. Sometimes the bright lights, big bulky camera and strange lady can make them a little weary – well that was an understatement! Poor little guy was petrified of me – But after I hid in the corner for a little while…
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