Bunbury, Western Australia



{ Billy }

What a wonderful sleeper Billy was for me. I need to slow down and appreciate these babies more, sometimes I get a curve ball baby who is a little trickier to settle and I wonder why I take these amazing sleeper’s for granted. Billy is a third child and very loved by his big brother and sister, I suppose at this point I should also say by his parent’s, but I always feel that’s a given! Big brother Harry who is yet to turn two wasn’t sold on a sibling shot, but we pulled the tricks out the bag and eventually got him laying down (briefly). Big sister Molly who had been laying down with Billy for a while now was probably about to get a case of lock jaw from her extreme effort smiling and needs an award for her patience with her little brother ha ha! Billy was an absolute champ through all this and just went on sleeping. The sibling shot, although can be like diffusing a bomb with toddler siblings, is always worth it and definitely high on the list of ones that parent’s cherish the most.

Since I have had a website revamp I really wanted to get some more colours going on. In case you can’t tell, I love using colour, tastefully of course. So I went out and brought this beanbag drop for Billy’s shoot to mix thing’s up a bit since I don’t have a lot of lighter colours going on. I love it, and how cute is that hat too! My studio is absolutely over flowing with props and I only just had a prop sale! I love making unique sets, but also have extreme trouble deciding to sell thing’s as each prop reminds me of the shoots I did with it and even if I probably wont use it again, they remind me of the memories of the babies I cuddled and the family’s I met.

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