Bunbury, Western Australia

About Lineham Photography

Thank’s for taking the time to investigate a little more while looking for your perfect photographer! I am a huge advocate of doing your research to make sure that the client and photographer are the perfect fit. My main passion is newborns, I love that I can be creative each time and each baby is so different to the last. I really value the trust that my client’s put in me to safely handle their most precious babies. Over the years I feel I have gotten to know how these little being’s ‘tick’, client’s call me the baby whisperer and some threaten to bring their bubba’s back in for me just to get them to sleep! I have been photographing for about 15 years. However for 9 of those I was also working other jobs and it was not that regular. When my daughter was 6 month’s old she became very sick and she needed to stay in PMH on and off for a few months. She is now five and a half and  fit and healthy now, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I had to quit my job and pay my full attention to her and the situation. As she got better, I had a bit more time up my sleeve and slowly started photographing again. From there – it blossomed. I have some amazing friend’s and family to thank for sharing and recommending me to their own family and friends – I live off of recommendations and rarely have to advertise which I can count my lucky stars for! My husband is hugely supportive of my photography and it really is pretty amazing that I am one of the very lucky people in the world that can do what they love every day.

Because I have my own little ones, pictured below! I find I have a special connection with little people and I have a whole bag of tricks I pull out one by one for those elusive smiles that tricky 2 years old’s with a severe case of stranger danger rarely give out! My best friend on set is my rubber ducky, that duck has done some miles… every baby or child who I have photographed has loved my rubber ducky and his antics! If its not rubber ducky making kids laugh then we are hiding M&M’s under a newborn to entice a weary toddler to cuddle their sibling, with love… love for chocolate!  Because really they are just digging around under baby for that M&M I hid in there haha

I work random hours, that is probably my downfall, although my newborn clients seem to appreciate this since they are up in the night so much. I am up editing most night’s until 10-11pm and this is when it’s easiest for me to reply because my own kiddo’s are in bed, I do reply to facebook messages whenever I can during the day but putting my brain into an email is best done when the house is quiet. For this reason I highly recommend messaging me on facebook.  I do pride myself on a swift turn around time for images though, a combination of Netflix, audio books and coffee keeps me sane through the long hours of editing, but hey there are much worse job’s in the world right .. and you can’t do those in your pj’s!

Well that’s enough about me, I’d love to hear more about you though – What you would love out of a photo shoot, where you would like to display the images we can create together and what your familyloves and if we can incorporate that into your shoot – don’t by shy, flick me a message!